Improving Lives Through Research

Mission Statement

JC Arnica We provide cutting edge, competitively priced, highest quality health and wellbeing products to people worldwide who desire to improve their bodies, minds and spirits. We provide caring, efficient and professional customer service that exceeds our clients’ expectations every time, enabling us to have loyal customers for life.

Vision Statement

JC Arnica will be recognized as one the world’s most trusted providers of quality natural health care products by 2020.

By 2020, we see ourselves as:

Having 300 company owned websites selling a range of health, wellness and pet products. The average daily turnover for each site will be $15,000. This goal will be met by promoting each product to over 100 countries worldwide. Our annual revenue will exceed $1.5 billion.

Our products will be well-known household names, and used daily around the globe.

Our products will be available in 120 countries worldwide through our websites, offline marketing initiatives and strategic partnerships with 3rd party retailers.

We will be recognized as being in the forefront of industry innovation and development, with research into unique, ground breaking ideas producing 30 new products annually, growing our stable of products from 6 to 300 by 2020.

We will be committed to our local communites, providing active sponsorship and partnerships in at least two communities in each country we are present in.

We always promote a nurturing and vital workplace that has made us one of the most desirable places to work in the world.

Our products will be well-know across the globe, helping our customers improve their lives every day, and our continued success will be ensured by overcoming obstacles, achieving targets and excelling in our pursuits.

Values Statement

We recognize that as a company our success is ultimately reliant on having strong values which underpin everything that we do and define us as a company. In order to be the leading provider of natural health care products in the world we need to maintain our underlying principles even whilst we grow. We hold 10 guiding values as the most important assets that we have in order to lead us into the future. They are:

  • “JC Arnica is a name that has been trusted by tens of thousands of people.”

Excellence – no product should be anything less
Focused - This is how we achieve our goals
Improvement – we can always get better
Integrity – in all that we do
Kindness - To all creatures great and small
Loyalty - to our company and our beliefs
Openess – to new ideas
Passion – we love what we do
Persistence - Never Quit no matter what the obstacle
Respect – for ourselves and all others

By following these 10 values always in everything that we do, we will continue to grow in a positive fashion and create a company that is trusted by our customers and admired by our team.

Product Line

How We Operate

How We Operate

We adhere to a rigorous manufacturing process that is designed to guarantee top quality results and complete product safety.

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JC Arnica Corporation is a trusted leader in the nutraceutical industry, with a history of outstanding results and top customer service that stretches back more than a decade.

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